Members of the Michigan Physicians Society LLC (MPS) Receive...

  • Complimentary Benefits
  • Discounts
  • Advocacy
  • Education
  • Networking
  • Career Assistance
  • Investment and Revenue Opportunities

Complimentary benefits

Individual benefits:

  • Do you enjoy traveling?
    • $500 travel-credit voucher
  • How often do you consult an attorney each year?  Would you use one more if it was free?
    • Physician Legal Advice Hotline 
  • Is your professional image important to you?
    • Image Consultation
  • Are you comfortable with your online reputation?  Do you know anything about it?
    • Online Reputation Analysis
  • Are you aware of the fee schedule increases you could take advantage of around designations, like PCMH?
    •   DProH eLearning Portal
  • Are you 100% satisfied with your career?
    • Physician Career Analysis
    • Career board
  • When is the last time you had your portfolio and investment strategy reviewed by an outside expert?
    • Portfolio and Investment Strategy Review
  • Are you satisfied with your communication with press and media?
    • Public Relations (PR) Communications Audit
  • Do you use social media?  If so, what are its objectives?  Does it meet those objectives?
    • Social Media Analysis
  • When is the last time you had your tax returns reviewed by an outside expert?
    • Tax Strategy Consultation
  • When is the last time you created a backup of your personal photos, files, and data on your home computer?
    • Online backup trial 
  • Are you interested in getting more referrals from other physicians
    • Events
  • Are you interested in finding ways to earn additional income outside of treating patients?
    • Revenue opportunities
  • When is the last time you had your insurances reviewed by an outside expert
    • Comprehensive Insurance Review
  • Are you considering buying or selling residential real estate?
    • Discounted Residential Realtor Services
  • Are you considering a divorce or separation?
    • Divorce and/or Reconciliation Analysis
  • Do you ever host events?
    • Event Planning Session

Business benefits:

  • Do you need business financing?
    • Business Assessment
  • Do you know how much your practice is worth?
    • Business Valuation
  • Have you ever worked with a business consultant?
    • Strategic Planning Session
  • Are you aware of the major fines for not completing regulatory training annually for your practice? 
    • DProH eLearning Portal
  • Are you comfortable with your accounting?
    • Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Consultation
  • Are you 100% confident you are compliant with all HR and payroll taxes regulations?
    • Human Resources (HR) Compliance/Risk Review
  • Are you paying too much in credit card processing fees?
    • Credit card processing analysis
  • Are you interested in hiring a physician in the near future?
    • Physician Job Description
    • Career board
  • Are you comfortable with your receivables and medical billing?
    • Revenue Cycle Management Evaluation
  • Do you have a website?  If so, what are its objectives?  Does it meet those objectives?
    • Website and Marketing Analysis
  • When is the last time you created a backup of the data on your business computers and server?
    • Online backup trial 


Members save up to 50% at:
  • Restaurants nationwide - fast food to five-star
  • Spas, gyms and health and beauty retailers
  • The movies, sporting events, museums and other recreational activities
  • Services, like dry cleaning and car maintenance
  • Retailers, both in-store and online
  • Travel


  • Digital marketing and social media to distribute pro-physician messages to centers of influence and the general public
  • Content is created by our team of physicians, entrepreneurs, and business professionals
  • Blog:
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:  @DoctorAdvocates         
  • Linkedin:


  • Safety Brochures and Training Videos
  • Risk Management & Practice Protocols
  • Affordable Care Act Information
  • Cyber Liability Resources
  • HIPAA Compliance Updates
  • ICD-10 Implementation Guide and Resources
  • Continuing Medical Education (CME)
  • Professional development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Investments


  • Engage with other physicians
  • Live events
  • Virtual Networking Opportunities

Career Assistance

  • Physician Career Analysis
  • Physician Job Description
  • Leverage expertise and experience through marketing, social media, and public relations. 
  • Notifications about new career opportunities.

Investment and Revenue Opportunities

  • Portfolio and Investment Strategy Review
  • Non-traditional investment opportunities
  • Opportunities to earn money outside of treating patients


  • Support other physicians through collaboration and referrals
  • Leverage skills to help the community

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