Why We Do What We Do

Physicians dedicate their lives to helping others.

The Michigan Physicians Society helps physicians start, grow, and sell their medical practice. We also represent physicians that pursue business opportunities outside of practicing medicine. Our focus is to help physicians save time, earn more, and make informed decisions. 

Discover the Exclusive Benefits Only Available to Our Members:
The Michigan Physicians Society utilizes digital marketing and social media to distribute pro-physician messages to centers of influence and the general public. This content is created by our team of physicians, entrepreneurs, and business professionals.
The Michigan Physicians Society utilizes a wide variety of educational resources. Our educational resources go far beyond Continuing Medical Education (CME) requirements, including professional development, entrepreneurship, investments, etc.
Career Assistance
The Michigan Physicians Society helps physicians leverage their expertise and experience through marketing, social media, and public relations. We also notify our members about new career opportunities.
Membership Benefits and Discounts
Receive exclusive benefits and services from our team of sponsors and partners.
Physicians need to network with other physicians. Unfortunately, most physicians don't have a lot of spare time. The Michigan Physicians Society overcomes this challenge by offering a wide variety of live and virtual networking opportunities.
Investment and Revenue Opportunities
Physicians demand more than traditional investments. In addition, physicians have the ability to earn money outside of treating patients. The Michigan Physicians Society identifies these opportunities and communicates them to the membership.
We provide ALL these benefits for our valued members!
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